Mr. Clement Mboje
A word from Principal

Southern High lands College of Health and Allied Sciences trains health professionals as pre – service, a three years course and In- service, a one-year course (upgrading) in Clinical Medicine. It is a government owned institution, students are given opportunity to learn interactively without discrimination and enabled to create a conducive environment for successfully completion of the award registered for.

We have experienced and qualified full time and part time academic staff and we often use expertise and facilities from Vwawa Hospital, other hospital/health centres and research institutions to optimize the learning experience of our students and staff.

Students are the major ingredient towards existence and performance of this health training institution. As part and parcel of the SHCOHAS community, they have an intrinsic role of contributing their best in creating a comfortable home to dwell by harmoniously studying and cooperating with other students and staff within the framework stipulated by rules, regulations and Students` By-Laws.

Your course of study may become tedious and therefore you are advised to study diligently in order to gain adequate knowledge, skills and attitude. This will enable you to contribute abundantly towards social-economic development of the nation through comprehensive health care delivery in curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative services to the communities which you will serve.

We are in the process of adding more courses in the expansion of the SHCOHAS, besides increasing our intake of students will also broaden our footprint allowing us to take up other disciplines in health sciences in addition to the current one. The current course that is taught at SHCOHAS is Clinical Medicine.

Therefore you are warmly welcome to SHCOHAS in order to build a future Institution with virtues of Excellency.

MR Clement J Mboje – BSC Health Laboratory Science